DEGA Guitar Recordings

This project provides seven short, loopable guitar recordings, with their musical notation and tabulature, accompanied by reverberation time and noise floor measurements of the recording room.

About the project

This project is part of the DEGA-project “Audio database for evaluation of auditory environments.” and consists of two recording sessions. All the contents are in the public domain. The project also contains measurements data of the recording room: reverberation time and noise floor. Musical notation and tabulature is also available for each piece.

Recording session 1

The material of the first recording session consinsts of seven short, loopable guitar pieces. Two different acoustical guitars (concert and steel string) were recorded on neck and bridge positions.

Recording session 2

In addition to the two acoustical guitars of recording session 1, also an electric guitar was used in these recordings. The guitar amplifier was recorded with three additional microphones. There is also a simultaneous video recording of each of the four musical pieces.


The audio data along with impulse responses, musical scores and a documentation about the recording session can be downloaded from the Phaidra Archive:

Recording Session 1 - short loops

Recording Session 2